Kung Fu

kungfu-clawThe style of Kung Fu taught at the Shoalhaven Kung Fu Academy is based on the Chan family Choy Lee Fut Kungfu system.

This is a traditional Chinese Kungfu system from the south of China in Guangdong province. It is both an External and an Internal style with long and short range techniques, hard and soft techniques, circular and straight techniques.

This style is an impressive display to watch, but is also an effective fighting style, having been developed during a period of China's history that required practitioners to employ their art frequently. Choyleefut is famous for its efficiency in fighting multiple opponents.


The system incorporates:

  • Sarn Sau techniques
  • SanDa sparring techniques
  • Body Conditioning
  • Self-defence techniques
  • Grappling (Kum La)
  • Forms training
  • Traditional Weapons
  • Wooden Dummies

There are well over 150 forms in the system, encompassing fist forms, animal forms, weapons forms, 2 man fist and weapons forms, and Shaolin Wooden Dummy forms.

The Choy Lee Fut system also involves Lohan Qigong therapeutic exercises, Traditional Chinese Lion Dance routines,  and Medical Massage (Dit Da).

This system of KungFu is suitable not only for those wanting to get fit and learn some self-defence, but particularly for the Martial Arts enthusiast who is looking to enrich their life by pursuing mastery of a system which will take a lifetime to unravel.



Choyleefut is a Traditional system of KungFu which has been passed down through the Chan family lineage from the Founder Chan Heung, and ultimately to his great great Grandson, 5th generation direct descendent and Keeper of the Style, ChenYongFa.

This system has its origins in the Shaolin Temple, where the Indian Monk DaMo (Boddhidarma) is said to have developed the beginnings of the Shaolin Martial Arts system after spending many years in meditation. The art has progressed through the ages, and although the original Shaolin Temple has been destroyed several times through China's turbulent history, the skills have survived through the efforts of surviving monks. One such monk was Choy Fook, who fled to the south of China where he later took on a disciple by the name of Chan Heung. Chan Heung had trained initially under his uncle Chan Yuen Wu, and later Lee Yau San, before seeking out the reclusive Shaolin monk, whom he trained with for many years before developing his own system of Kung Fu, Choy Lee Fut. "Choy" in commemoration of Choy Fook, "Lee" in commemoration of his teacher Lee Yau San, and "Fut" which means Buddha, in respect for the Buddhist origins of the Shaolin Temple.