We have recently moved to our new training centre (Mo Gwun) at 23-27 Moss Street Nowra.



Choy Lee Fut Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

 ADULTS: Monday 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm




Tai Chi & Lohan Qigong

 Introductory Courses:  4 week beginners courses

Usually commencing first Tuesday of the month depending upon interest

Time: 5:45 pm

Please contact via email or phone if interested


Regular Class: Wednesday - 5:30pm




Training fees:

Tai Chi & Qigong Introductory courses - $60 for 4 weeks

 Tai Chi & Lohan Qigong Regular Class - $15 per class

Kung Fu - $15 per class

10 Class pass - $100


Joining Fee:  

Tai Chi/Qigong - $50 (included in Introductory Course Fee)

Kung Fu - $100  ($50 for children up to 14 years)


Annual Membership Fee:

Payable at begining of each subsequent year

Tai Chi/Qigong - $50

Kung Fu - $100  ($50 for children up to 14 years)



  If you are interested in studying Kung Fu, please email us via the Contacts page

( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )