Shoalhaven Kung Fu Academy

The Shoalhaven KungFu Academy is owned and operated by Sifu Craig Davenport.

Sifu Craig Davenport has been practicing Martial Arts for over 30 years, initially training in Freestyle TaeKwonDo for 5 years, and then Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Kungfu and Lohan Qigong for the last 25 years, and is a disciple of Master Chan Yong Fa and a member of the WingSingTong since 1995. He is a WingSingTong International Master Level in Kung Fu and WingSingTong Instructor Level in Lohan Qigong. He works full-time as a Rehabilitation Physician, and is a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The school was started with the combined purpose of teaching health preservation exercises for the general public, as well as to pass on the rich tradition of Chan Family Choy Lee Fut KungFu to anyone that has good and genuine intentions and is willing to dedicate their efforts to training their mind and body, to learn discipline, self control, determination, and in so doing enrich their life.
A lifetime in pursuit of the Martial arts is not for everyone, but whoever spends more than just a brief time training will benefit in some way from the time spent training.

The following couplet was given to Chan Heung by the Shaolin monk Choy Fook at the end of his training:
“The dragon and tiger met as the wind and the cloud. 
Disciples, you must take good care of your future.
Revive the arts of Shaolin,
And don’t let future generations forsake them.”